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The FMP is a complimentary testing service for all users of Hydratech specialist fluid solutions.

We are always pleased when customers select CoolFlow, Thermox and/or Solaris heat transfer fluids. It confirms an awareness to the potential problems associated with using non-specialist fluids in multi-metal heating and cooling systems, and the subsequent benefits of installing an inhibited heat transfer fluid with corrosion, scale and biological inhibitors.

As with all closed loop heating and cooling systems, we recommend proactive monitoring and maintenance. Because, although the inhibitors will be working to prevent corrosion, scale and biological fouling, their continued success and reserves can only be confirmed through periodic testing.

Sample testing schedules may vary depending on factors such as;

Under normal circumstances we would recommend sampling and testing after commissioning, again after six months and provided these results prove positive annually thereafter.

The Fluid Maintenance Program is free-of-charge to customers purchasing products directly from Hydratech, but subject to conditions. Specifically a maximum of two tests per year, per installation. If additional tests are required there may be a charge. Sample delivery charges are the customers responsibility.

Operation of the FMP is very straight forward. We supply our customers with pre-packaged and labelled bottles for collecting and despatching of samples to our lab for periodic analysis.

Each sample report provides confirmation that the concentration, pH, Total Dissolved Solids, Turbidity etc. of the HTF are within acceptable limits. If any results are outside these limits we may recommend that a more in-depth test is carried out. A short written report is provided for every test carried out.

Please phone or email for more details.

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