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A range of recommended equipment for chemical dosing, conditioning and monitoring of water-based fluids in hot and cold systems


Offer a more accurate and robust means of verifying the Refractive Index and thus the percentage volume concentration of various water-antifreeze solutions. Hydratech distribute manual and electronic refractometers on behalf of Bellingham & Stanley.

Corrosion Coupons (weight loss measurements)

This is the simplest corrosion monitoring technique, which involves exposing a specimen of material (the coupon) to a process environment for a given duration, then removing the specimen for analysis. This usually means the measurement of weight loss; the corrosion rate can be calculated from the weight loss and the period the coupon was exposed.

Side-Stream Filtration – E.g. Kinetic Separators

Kinetic separators have no moving parts and are used to separate water from particulates that have a higher specific gravity, they are available in carbon steel, all plastic or stainless steel, and range from 3/4" bsp connections to 300 mm with capacities from 1.0 m3/hr to 900 m3/hr. The removal efficiency for this technology is based only upon the sg of the solids - the higher the sg the higher performance efficiency. Typically the ideal applications for this technology are the removal of high density solids such as sand and pipe scale from water.

Flow Meters for Water Make-Up

In the event that an automatic mains water make-up line is connected to a cooling system, then it is vital that any make-up water volume is monitored. Over a period of time the concentration of the antifreeze will be diluted if the volume of make-up water is not monitored and additional antifreeze and inhibitors dosed on a pro-rata basis.

Dosing Pots

Closed re-circulating water systems (chilled or hot water) can be simply dosed on a regular / manual basis by use of these dosing pots. Fitted across flow and return lines, they provide a means to annex a portion of the system water which can be drained away and replaced with the chemical to be dosed. When re-connected to the system, the chemical is flushed through.

Metering Pumpsets

Metering pumps and reservoirs are used wherever concentrate inhibitors need to be dosed into a medium with a high grade of accuracy with a defined volume and within a defined time period. It is possible for water make-up flow meters to be connected to metering Pumpsets and dose proportionate volumes of antifreeze and inhibitors to any water make-up.

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