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Technical Information

Inhibitors for the prevention of Corrosion, Scale and Biological Fouling

All Hydratech heat transfer fluids are formulated with synergistic inhibitors that neutralise the natural tendency of water to corrode, scale and foul pipe-work systems.
If corrosion inhibitors are absent from aqueous based antifreeze formulations, oxidation corrosion is almost instantaneous due to dissolved oxygen retained within the water. Soon after oxidation corrosion occurs galvanic activity will develop leading to pitting corrosion. Both oxidation and galvanic corrosion will be accelerated as the antifreeze turns acidic and bio-films form. I.E. a cycle of corrosion will result if corrosion inhibitors are omitted or allowed to deplete.

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Scale deposits are a serious concern for open systems that require constant make-up with fresh water. The problem is far less of an issue for closed loop systems that are filled once or require negligible top-up. As a precaution all Hydratech formulations include polyacrylates that prevent solid particles adhering to pipe walls or other system components.

Biological contamination is a very common problem within aqueous-based cooling and heating system. Bacteria and algae will breed quickly, especially in systems that have not been properly flushed and cleansed prior to commissioning. If a biological film is allowed to establish itself within heat transfer systems then the rate of that heat transfer can be severely impinged. All Hydratech heat transfer fluids are formulated with one or more non-oxidising biocides that remain active for many months and sometimes years after initial filling.