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Hydratech SA is the official South African licensed manufacturer and distributor for Hydratech (United Kingdom). Hydratech UK is a specialist formulator and manufacturer of heat transfer fluids, inhibited antifreeze, glycols and pipework system protection products.

A key objective since the formation of Hydratech UK in 1998 has been the establishment of technical B2B partnerships with those responsible for plant design, installation and operation to ensure system optimisation.

System optimisation includes;

• thermal and pumping efficiency - for maximum COP, ROI and energy savings
• corrosion, scale & biological control - for long life and reduced maintenance
• ecological assessment - to minimise human, animal and environmental impact
• fluid maintenance–monitoring of fluid and system condition to ensure efficiency

Hydratech now has Technical Partnerships with >600 companies, which include all major supermarket chains, a large number of international brewers, automotive component manufacturers, a significant proportion of the UK’s renewable energy industry and a fast increasing percentage of the HVAC sector.

Many new and existing customers are converting to Hydratech’s range of DeTox™ products, which provide significant operational advantages over propylene glycol based fluids. This patented technology has been developed from Evans waterless engine coolants, which are also manufactured by Hydratech. For more information please refer to each DTX product within the different sectors or call us directly on (021) 385 0908.

To ensure Hydratech stays at the forefront of fluid heat transfer and related technologies we are contributing members of the following profession associations;

• International Institute of Refrigeration
• UK Institute of Refrigeration
• Royal Society of Chemistry
• American Society for Testing of Materials (ASTM)
• Ground Source Heat Pump Association
• Solar Trade Association

Hydratech verifies performance of all its products using ASTM standards/laboratories.

Hydratech SA is a division of Corrosion and Scale Control based in Cape Town, South Africa. For over 60 years we have been manufacturing chemicals under our own and private label brands. Our customers include OEMs, motor trade retailers, chemical manufacturers, distributors, and those in the HVAC and refrigeration sectors.