CoolFlow DTX gets HSE Rubber Stamp

Following a recent Health & safety Executive review of the Safety Data Sheet for CoolFlow DTX, the HSE has confirmed Hydratech's MEG Detoxification technology and process, as referred to within the SDS, are both valid and correct. Including acceptance of the following phrase, which appears in Section 2: Hazards Identification;

In accordance with Article 9 and Article 12 of Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (CLP), CoolFlow DTX has been assessed as a mixture where adequate and reliable scientific information demonstrates the occurrence of synergistic and antagonistic effects that render the mixture non-toxic as determined by an EPA certified laboratory with an LD50, oral, rat >15,000mg/kg bw.

Whilst Hydratech already has professional 3rd party verification of the detoxification process and a valid patent, this 'rubber stamp' from the HSE is nonetheless very welcome.

To recap, detoxification (aka DTX) technology is proven to render toxic Ethylene Glycol 'non-toxic' and therefore a high efficiency alternative to Propylene Glycol mixtures. Based on many Blue Chip installations, backed-up with a comparative study by Star Technical Solutions, CoolFlow DTX provides >10% improvement in energy efficiency and production output compared with PG based products.

For more information please contact us via Email: sales@hydratech.co.uk or Tel: 01792 586800

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