emergency cooling system at Ecocycle's biomass plant in Usk.



Performance and peace of mind for Biomass plant engineers

Dordtech Engineering, specialists in CHP units and gensets for alternative fuels have installed a biogas CHP unit at a plant in Usk, South East Wales. The gasification plant, designed to run 9 gas engines has a 9MW emergency cooling system.

The engineers initial plan was to treat the emergency cooling system with industrial ethylene glycol, but after contacting specialist fluid company Hydratech, they discovered they could use a non-toxic alternative that offered comparable thermal performance and a safer antifreeze rating for the Usk site.

Biotherm DTX is a non-toxic high efficiency antifreeze. Based on Ethylene Glycol blended with patented DeTox™ additive and BS6580 proven Corrosion, Scale and Biological Inhibitors.

Many of Hydratech’s customers face a similar dilemma to Dordtech - having to choose between the high performing, but toxic properties of Ethylene Glycol, or the safer but less efficient Propylene Glycol. In cooperation with Evans Cooling Systems Inc. Hydratech  have developed the revolutionary DeTox™ additive which renders Ethylene Glycol non-toxic. This has enabled dairies, breweries and other similar processors to benefit from the greater heat transfer properties of Ethylene Glycol. The economic rewards from using Biotherm DTX are significant. DTX costs less per litre and offers greater freeze protection for less volume. Heat transfer is more efficient and lower viscosity makes it easier to pump.

The new plant, owned by Ecocycle - a leading Energy from Biomass and Combined Heat & Power Plant developer, creates clean gas from an input of 40,000 tonnes of wood per annum.  The gas is used as the principal fuel medium to drive Gas Engines and Generation Sets, with each module producing a gross output of 800kW.

Hydratech’s  team of experienced engineers are available to give advice and support on all aspects of fluid selection and installation. Contact 01792 586800

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